Sku Data Entry

SKU Data Entry Services

Running an eCommerce operation can get challenging when you have a shoddily done inventory and stock database. So if you have a disorganized and unstructured stock-keeping database, don't waste time hiring FTE for handling Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) data entry. Instead, outsource SKU data entry services to Outsource2india at affordable rates and 100% quality.

Outsource2india is an SKU data entry service providing company backed by 22 years of experience in a range of SKU data entry services. We are professionals who understand the importance of optimizing the data streams on stock visibility, inventory level, and purchasing fulfillment to avoid complications during audits. Our team ensures accurate data entry and robust quality checks to keep your SKU batches spic and span.

SKU Data Entry Process

01. Scan and Upload

The client grants us access to their raw datasets where SKU data entry is important. Data is accessed via secure login credentials or exporting into txt or spreadsheet format 

02. Download/Access Files

The scope of work will be planned based on data evaluation. We focus on retaining good data instead of purging everything at once 

03. Key-in Document

Our SKU data entry experts harness OCR and other similar data capture tools to import data into a workable format 

04. Index, Sort, & Move

The data which is captured through reading tools are subjected to indexing and sorting 

05. Quality Check

After the SKU data entry process, the datasets will move into the hands of QA experts. They will analyze if the updated values are accurate before certifying the correctness