Outsource Document Managment


Are you looking for an expert to engineer sophisticated documents in your organization? Are you worried about your data security? Are you looking for a complete document management solution provider? If so, outsource your document management services to Flatworld Solutions. Flatworld has been a pioneer in providing highly customized document management solutions suites to the various big names in the industry. It has constantly catered to the growing needs of customers and has adapted to the changing trends in technology in the field of document management.

Why outsource document management services to UnityWebGroup

Document management refers to creation, storage, organization, transmission, retrieval, manipulation and updation of documents. At Flatworld, we follow all the phases involved in a typical document management process. This ensures a seamless integration between your organization and its clients and can convert your office into a paper-less office. Additionally it also saves a lot of valuable time as your documents are arranged methodically.

Our document management system is capable of handing over 300 formats of documents. It can be customized as per your organization’s requirements and can be installed on a LAN or WAN infrastructure. Effectively Flatworld has been able to provide a complete solution to all it clients in terms of a complete document management solutions suite to create, convert, manage their documents and regulate the document’s workflow within/outside the organization.

Document management components at Flatworld Solutions

A scientifically designed process management together with a skilled workforce forms the core of our document management system. The components of the document management process include the following:

  • Data integration: At Flatworld we use a variety of document conversion and creation techniques ranging from manual methods like data entry to automated methods like image scanning, image conversion, OCR, ICR and bar code recognition. This digitized data is fed into the docs management system with absolute precision.
  • Indexing: locating a specific document at the need of the hour may be a complex process. At Flatworld we use a unique document identification system which helps you search your document quickly and effectively. Other features integrated with our document management systems include version control, security and search options.
  • Storage and retrieval:  The documents have to be stored at an easily accessible and reliable location. At Flatworld, we provide technical assistance to monitor your valuable documents round the clock. We also suggest appropriate backup and restore methods to safeguard your data.
  •  Workflow management: At Flatworld we have designed an easy-to-use tool for managing your organization’s workflow for a particular document. Rules are created for a particular stream of document to be routed to the right people in your organization.